Who We Are?

YCDO is an Afghan Youth-Led non-profit, non-governmental organization, committed to develop mutual cooperation and understanding among different youth voluntary agencies, youth groups, clubs and individuals working in the field of youth welfare in Afghanistan. We strive to bring Afghanization and put Afghans in the driving seat of the international community’s development efforts.

YCDO has dedicated and experienced Afghan experts in areas of Peace Education & Conflict Resolution, Women & Human Rights, Gender Equality, and Health Education especially Reproductive Health. YCDO also work out to promote Volunteerism, Youth Leadership, Democracy and Good Governance through civic education.


A protracted quarter century of war, of the magnitude experienced in Afghanistan, will leave a trail of tragedies, disorientation and bewilderment in its wake, overwhelming for all, but especially burdensome on the youth and other vulnerable groups. This is precisely what has happened to Afghanistan’s so-called “lost generation”—the nation’s cohort of youth, who have never experienced anything in their lives but conflict in their cities and villages, or had to live in precarious refugee conditions in neighbouring countries. Their education was not in the schools and in the classrooms, but in the front lines and in the mine fields. Neither were their activities in the playgrounds or on the football pitch, but in the vexations of exile and constant flux. Sixty-eight percent of the population of Afghanistan is under 25 years old; these young people represent a cross-section of its society; and they are an integral, large and cross-cutting segment of a wide range of Afghanistan’s development ambitions, including good governance, human rights, education, and health, rule of law, security, and employment. Afghanistan’s fragile peace and future security rests paramount on the ability of this generation of youth to find their productive roles in society, to assume the onus of reconciling deep-rooted national divisions, and to push forward the difficult task of establishing a free and equitable society based on democratic principles.

Yet in spite of the tell-tale signs calling for their immediate and full social-political integration, until now, the youth of Afghanistan remain largely disenfranchised, under-skilled, highly neglected, and worse, without a clear voice to advocate on their own behalf. The fate of Afghanistan’s current youth cohort (and ultimately the country itself) will ultimately depend on the opportunities given to them. The following generation (children under 12 years old) awaits the example of its predecessors, to determine the prospects of their own future. If this segment of the population is neglected there is a serious risk that anti-government power-brokers, including drug lords, warlords, and political extremist will gain in influence, further destabilizing the country. The priority that must be placed on youth empowerment and capacity building is clearly evident. Any hesitation in affording this crucial area of nation-building its rightful weight and significance can no longer be justified; as is principally through the actions and exertions of the youth that Afghanistan will see long-term stability and continued development and future prosperity. And this is why Youth for Change and Development Organization came into being to undertake youth led activities to bring positive changes and uphold national development in Afghanistan.

Organization Status & Location

YCDO is registered with Ministry of Economy of GIRoA and located in Kabul, Afghanistan. YCDO stimulates the youth to rise up to the new challenges, keeping in view the existing circumstances in the country which has seen 30 years of conflict, and encourage them to be change makers and active participants in decision making processes.


Afghan youth can be active and committed participants in the imperative and exciting task of peace-building and National Development.


Our mission is to inspire today's youth to create positive change within their communities to make a difference and more deeply to channel the power harvested from the Youth collaborative service projects to eradicate poverty, increase access to education and resources, establish economical and employment opportunities, improve Health Services, Volunteerism, communities' developments and peace.


Our values underpin the basic premise which envisages Peace, National Integration, Socio-economic Development, Honesty, Equality, Respect for women and children, Brotherhood, Co-operation, Community Service, Social Justice, Self-reliance and Humanism. These values inspire our team on a daily basis as we work towards a better Afghanistan and a better world. YCDO believes that integrity is fundamental to development, security and peace. At YCDO we do what we say we are going to do and we don't believe sustainable development is ever about ‘passing the buck'.

YCDO Staff

We recognize that Afghans are deeply engaged to religious and Cultural values. Most of our staff members and trainers come with adequate knowledge and sufficiently familiar with national tradition and cultural attitudes. YCDO delivers its programs through professional social approaches which are the best way of implementation in such society. Our staff members are well suited for such delivery methods and procedures.


To establish a national platform of female and male youth groups throughout the country, equipped with strong life skills, actively involved in the social, cultural, sporting and economic life of their communities, and linked to similar youth networks throughout the world to make a difference.


  • To establish a peaceful, Healthy and Educated environment for young female and male throughout Afghanistan
  • Improve Volunteerism and extend community centered development services through Youth
  • Promote gender equality and effective women rights through civic education
  • Maintain national and international relations with organizations promoting young people in their programs and activities

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Young Male and Female Reproductive Health and Rights
  • Non-formal Education and Community Based Education,
  • Youth Leadership and Capacity Development
  • Gender Equality and Women Economic Empowerment
  • Youth Engagement in political realm
  • Environmental Protection and Biodiversity


The Afghanistan National Youth Assembly Call for Application

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