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On September 17, 2017, Youth for Change and Development Organization (YCDO) in partnership with UNDP organized the Social Good Summit under the theme Future in Focus in Afghanistan. The summit brought together 300 participants (100 in Kabul and 200 in provinces) from civil society organizations, government and private sectors, youth groups, university students and entrepreneurs from different field of life who demonstrated their imitative and participate in a dynamic and socially changing environment.

 It was a creative half day event in Kabul with meetups in four regional hubs (Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar and Heart) connected through Facebook Live with students, civil society activists, private sector, actors and government representatives. 

The event had two different sessions, where the first session showcased engaging presentations that revolve around social, technology and educational innovations. YCDO picked success from the NGO, private and academic sectors and showed to the world that despite conflict and unrest in the country, our young entrepreneurs and development practitioners are involved in creative work and are more hopeful for the future. Prior to the event around 15 most creative examples were listed and up to 5 of them were selected which were presented at the summit and linked to the SDGs.

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 For the second session, around 4 top subject-matter experts were invited to discuss the following areas and answered questions from the floor. Each of the areas they discussed had reflection on specific SDGs.

 1)    Justice, Human Rights and Gender

2)    Education and Innovation

3)    Sustainable Development

4)    Private Sector Development (urban and rural)

 Number of top social media users in Afghanistan were asked to promote the event before and during the event on their social media platforms and the event participants were oriented to spread the message, impression and thoughts tweeting through a global hashtag by allocating a local hashtag #SGS2017 and #2030NOW. The tweets were displayed on a projector screen to add to the audience of the event.

YCDO team has conducted assessment of finding creative examples/initiatives, mobilizing different groups as well as participants’ identification who were invited to the event in Kabul and four zones. Also, two moderators/facilitators (one male and one female) hired to run the event on professional manner and number of volunteers were assigned to support the event arrangement.  

 YCDO recognized that the summit is a global UNDP event that encourages young people and civil society activists around the world to share their views and achievements in the areas of education, innovation, justice and human rights, private sector, etc. in their countries and communities. It is the ninth year in a row that UNDP has been leading these global events to feed world leaders ahead of the UN General Assembly who take important decisions for the world’s future.  Read UNDP's report on this..   

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