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On the International Volunteer Day: Kabul Youth Clean Kool-e-Hashmat Khan to Protect Rare Birds

Kabul City, Friday, Dec 05, 2014 — Marking the International Volunteer Day, a group of nearly 150 Kabul-area youth gathered today to clean Kool-e-Hashmat Khan, a wetland on the southeastern outskirts of Kabul City where a huge number of various birds used to live, and is now on the brink of ruin. To encourage its restoration, Youth for Change and Development Organization, a Kabul-based youth organization, led this campaign in partnership with the Afghan Ministry of Information and Culture, United Nations Volunteers and United Nations Development Programme in Afghanistan.

Kool-e-Hashmat Khan, once a natural wetland inhabiting 157 species of birds, and a recreational site for residents of Kabul City, has lost most of its birds in past over three decades due to poor attention from different governments and illegal encroachments by nearby communities. The wetland is now surrounded by auto repair workshops, a livestock auction house, and a number of other business activities, grabbing nearly 10 out of its 190 hectares of its land. Wastes produced by these activities are dumped in the wetland.


The CCP Alumni Meeting in Kabul

13th December 2014

The Cross Culture alumni’s meeting was conducted in Kabul on 13th December facilitated by Youth for Change and Development Organization (YCDO). The gathering took place two days after a suicide attack happened in French Cultural Center in Kabul where participants from different civil society organizations, universities, schools and cultural association have gathered to condemn suicide attacks through theater performances.

Despite all security measures in the city, the CCP Alumni meeting took place at FES main office. The Cross Culture alumnus and number of youth from other national organizations participated in the meeting which was inaugurated by open remarks from Enayat Safi, the CCP representative for Afghanistan. After brief introduction of the participants, a background statement on ifa Cross Culture Internship Program and how it operates was addressed by Enayat Safi. 


The Afghanistan National Youth Assembly Call for Application

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